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Another Girl In The Wall
Another Girl In The Wall

 Another Girl In The Wall APK v2.0


“Another Girl In The Wall” promises hours of fun and engagement, allowing players to unleash their creativity and interact with the captivating character on the wall.

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Additional Info
Developer NameJhon_Capybara
CategoryAPP, APK, Game
Size73.7 MB
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.4 and higher
Last UpdatedJULY 2023

About Another Girl In The Wall

If you’re in search of entertainment, give “Another Girl In The Wall” a try on your mobile device. This game has the power to transform your boredom into excitement within seconds. In this captivating game, you encounter a beautiful character stuck on the wall, and you have the freedom to interact with her in various ways. Utilize different objects and props available to make the character feel good and create an enjoyable experience.

The game offers unique features, such as the ability to view X-ray images and alter the character’s clothing and appearance. With a wide range of exciting activities to explore, “Another Girl In The Wall” is the perfect remedy for dull moments. If you’re seeking to brighten up your day, delve into this thrilling game and immerse yourself in a world of extreme excitement.

Embrace the excitement as you embark on various adventures within this mobile game.

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